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Canadian Sanders traditional service uses state-of-the-art sanding equipment to prepare pre-existing wood floors for finishing. We then seal or stain and finish with the best products on the market with your choice of matte, satin, or gloss.

We offer the best dustless sanding in the business, with low odor finishing, with most services completed in 1 or 2 days.

Our location offers dustless sanding, light sanding and finishing, tile refinishing, outdoor deck refinishing, board replacement, repairs, staining hardwood floors, and more.



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Exotic Hardwood

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Dustless Sanding Eliminates

Oak Floor Refinished

Dust Permeating in your Home

Trapped Dust In Air Vents

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Messy Clean UP

Refinishing Cost less Than Replacement

Refinishing saves the trees, no need to move out of your home, and the service is safe for kids and pets.

wood floor refinishing safes the tress

Saves the Trees

No need to vacate home during the refinishing process

No need to vacate home

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Safe for Children and pets

Why Choose Canadian Sanders

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Canadian Sanders is a hardwood floor refinishing company Providing Top-Quality Restoration To Solid Hardwood Floors, Engineered wood flooring, Distressed floors, and onsite wired-brushed wood floors.

Homeowners, contractors, Commercial Retailers, architects, and interior designers have come for service and advice unavailable from other companies. We search worldwide for the best hardwood floor finishes and prices to serve homeowners, builders, and contractors to meet their growing demands.

Huge Selection Of Hardwood Floor Finishes, Stains, Tints "In Stock Inventory"


100% safe for your kids and pets

No Dust to clean up 99 percent dust free sanding

Expert Refinishers with years of hands-on experience.

Most services are complete in 1-2 days.

Fully insured and bonded

Sandless Floor Refinishing services

Historic Wood Floor Refinishing

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We cover all residential and commercial refinishing.

Family owned and operated.

Direct Contractor price

You can walk on floors shortly after service.

Commercial durability long lasting floors

Free in home consultations

No baseboard removal services

Hardwood Refinishing

Canadian Sanders has high-powered vacuums that collect over 99 percent of the dust from the sanding equipment. Clients are thankful for hiring Canadian Sanders and not leaving the homes covered in dust for someone else to clean.

Yes, you can refinish hardwood floors without sanding! This is a great way to bring new life to your floors without the time and expense of a full sanding job. There are several methods you can use to refinish your floors without sanding, such as screening, buffing, and recoating. This process involves applying a new layer of polyurethane or other protective finish to the surface of your floors

We use the most durable finishes today, with some of our products 100 percent exclusive to Canadian Sanders.

Stain and finish are two different treatments applied to wood surfaces. Stain is a colorant that is applied to the surface of the wood and penetrates the surface. Finish, on the other hand, is a topcoat that provides a protective layer to the wood, and enhances the color of the wood and its grain. View staining hardwood floor colours.

Yes! We remove all polishes or waxes and then add a new layer of protection. 

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We also Refinish Decks

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