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Hardwood Floor Refinishing
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Dustless Refinishing

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Our Story

Canadian Sanders is a hardwood floor refinishing company providing top-quality restoration to solid hardwood floors, engineered wood flooring, distressed floors, and on-site wired-brushed floors.

Homeowners, contractors, commercial retailers, architects, and interior designers have come for service and advice not available from other companies. We search worldwide for the best hardwood floor finishes and prices to service homeowners, builders, and contractors to meet their growing demands.

Sustainability drives us.

Canadian Sanders, we encourage you to refinish V.S. replace. Refinishing reduces carbon footprints around the world. We use waterborne hardwood floor finishes that keep our workers and customers safe. We use the cleanest dust containment systems with the lowest VOC products and strive to make homes, buildings, and schools safer. We also partner with a business that focuses on giving back, organizations that help eradicate poverty, and save trees worldwide.

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