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Hardwood Floor Refinishing


What does this Warranty include?

We have an exclusive five-year adhesion warranty is as follows: peeling, chipping yellowing.

What does this Warranty exclude?

-Mechanical damage is as follows: crushing/gouging due to heavy furniture, tears, pulls, and wheel traffic.
-Thermal damage is as follows: burns, fires, and hot substances.
-Chemicals damage is as follows: foreign agents, solvents, plasticizers (tape) or other abusive substance.
-Moisture is as follows: flooding, plumbing, and appliance failure.

Finally, the Warranty is void if recommended care and routine maintenance processes are not observed and adhered to.

What will we do to correct the floor? Canadian Sanders will fix the adhesion at no cost to you. We will not cover alternative means of refinishing.

How to Care for your wood floors

The first step in protecting your hardwood floors is to clean them regularly. Daily dusting with a microfiber mop is the best defense against floor finish scratches and wear.

Don’t allow moisture, chemicals, or animal by-products to sit on the floor. Wipe them up immediately! 

Canadian Sanders recommends a range of cleaning products specifically formulated for hardwood floors. Our Recommended Hardwood Floor Cleaners are a safe, effective way to clean your floors without leaving any residue. They can be used on all hardwood floors and is safe for pets and children.

Use floor protectors; make your own or buy recommended ones from a store. All finishes will scratch; the best defense against furniture damage is to purchase quality protectors.  

Trim your pet’s nails; animal paws and claws can ruin floor finishes and damage the wood.

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