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Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Terms and Conditions

Dustless Refinishing

Canadian Sanders execution of the work in connection with any wood refinishing shall be acceptable. Light sanding and Sand Free Refinishing is limited to providing the best results based on the pre-existing conditions of the floors. Problem areas included but not limited to. Severity of scratches, deep gouges, cuts, Damages boards, excess wear, moisture damage, oxidized finish, deep stains.

Our sanding and refinishing service allows you to choose your preferred stain color. However, it is essential to note that due to differences in individual floorboards, and lighting, the resulting color of your floor may vary slightly from the photo or floor samples. In addition, if the color/stain is applied to the floor and does not meet expectations, the only way to change the color is to re-sand the floor, which will incur an extra charge.

When removing trim, we will maintain its condition as much as possible so that it may be reused. However, if reusing the trim is not possible, there may be additional charges for replacing the trim with new material during the repair.

The Canadian Sanders Service is committed to providing a dustless sanding experience for our customers. To achieve this, we use the latest sanding equipment and vacuum systems to contain the dust created during the sanding process. However, a small amount of dust can escape the vacuum systems due to the nature of sanding and tight spaces. While we strive to keep this to a minimum, we must remind our customers that our service is dustless, not dust free.

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